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Earth-Shot the new way to eliminate weeds and target the root

Be earth friendly, use an organic solution


Watch the Earth-Shot Video


Watch the Earth-Shot Video

Makes a Great gift
Fall is the best time to kill weeds to prepare for spring

What is Earth-Shot™ Weed Control?


Earth-Shot is the must have weed control tool for natural and organic lawns and gardens. Its patent pending design gives natural solutions the advantage by destroying the weed top and exposing the root system for optimum solution absorption.

Our durable plastic design was created by engineers to be strong and long lasting, light weight and easy to use.

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See the Results in Action!


Initial Dandelion


Twist and Inject Solution


Immediately After


After 24 Hours



Initial Thistle


Cut Stem


Center Injection Tip


After 24 Hours


What Makes Earth-Shot Unique? 

It’s all about our design. Lightweight and easy to use, with just a simple 360 degree twist, three cutting blades attack the weed at the surface. Our specially engineered tip sinks deep into the root allowing your solution to flow directly to the life source of the weed.

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Designed for the Environment and our Families

With Earth-Shot you can successfully eliminate problem weeds, while keeping your yard “green” and natural. Safe for your kids! Safe for your pets!

Pouring Solution in Earth-Shot Applicator

Use the Solution of your Choice!

Earth-Shot is economical and can be refilled with any solution you purchase or use your own “homemade brew.” It’s up to you. We have had great results using Avenger® Weed Killer.

Multiple Uses Around the Yard:

Use to Grind and Spray:

  1. Lawns
  2. Vegetable Gardens
  3. Flower Beds
  4. Ground Cover
  5. Gardens

Use in Hard to Reach Places:

  1. Sidewalks
  2. Rock Gardens
  3. Driveways
  4. Patios
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Compare Earth-Shot

Weed Control MethodDamages the PlantEffectively Targets the Root of the PlantLow Labor IntensityLightweightSpot Spray AbilityBack and Knee FriendlyProtects Surrounding VegetationEasy to UseNon-Time Consuming
Earth-Shot Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Hand tools Y   Y Varies   Varies Varies Varies Varies
Spray Bottles       Y Y Varies   Y Y
Solution Applicator Tools     Varies Varies Y Varies Y Y Y
Weed Torches Y   Y