Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Storage

  • How do I clean and store my applicator?
    • Empty the reservoir before storing. Solution could deteriorate device mechanisms with long-term contact.
    • Rinse reservoir with water. Do Not dispose water on wanted vegetation.
    • Keep safety cap on when not in use.
    • Keep applicator in a location above 32 degrees. Do Not allow applicator to freeze.
    • For long-term storage, empty the reservoir and rinse with water. Partially fill with clean water and pump water through.
  • Usage

  • What types of solutions can I use?

    Earth-Shot is refillable, so you can use any solution you choose or even create your own "brew". 

    The Earth-Shot mechanisms have not been tested with synthetic chemicals and every different commercial natural solution. Clean the applicator with clean water after using.

  • What are the best conditions to use my Earth-Shot?
    • Apply when temperatures are over 50 degrees; full sun will help optimize the effect of most natural solutions.
    • To avoid damage to tip, use spot spray technique on hard surfaces and rocky areas.
    • Use during drier conditions. You will need to clean the tip more frequently in "muddy" and wet conditions.
    • Apply at least 3-4 hours before rainfall.
  • How do I remove tip debris?

    Use supplied picks to clean Earth-Shot tip, as needed. During use, we recommend occasionally swishing tip in a bucket of water. This will allow for optimum solution flow. Rinse tip before storing.


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